October 2019 Training


Cloud Business Center (salle New York)
10 bis Rue du 4 septembre
75002 Paris


Training sessions will start 9.30 am, a welcome coffee will be available at 9 am.

October 16th 2019
October 17th 2019
October 24th 2019
October 25th 2019
Morning Tezos overview Interact with the blockchain LIGO Hacking day
Tezos standards
Lunch - - -
Afternoon Self-amending blockchain Michelson Smart Contracts SmartPy
Future of Tezos


Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Example applications


Pre-configured Virtual machine (recommended)

To be sure to assist the sessions with a well configured environment, we recommend to download the tailor-made virtual machine.

To do so, it is required to install a recent version of Virtualbox (> 6.0): Virtual Box

Then, you should download the Nomadic Labs virtual machine using:

wget https://cloudflare-ipfs.com/ipfs/QmSzsJwRMgQzYnkaugyMvUZfALoF2LHHbs5QnMqkJsfHKN \
    -O nomadic-training_debian-10-amd64.ova

or directly thought IPFS (InterPlanetary File System):

ipfs get QmSzsJwRMgQzYnkaugyMvUZfALoF2LHHbs5QnMqkJsfHKN && mv QmSzsJwRMgQzYnkaugyMvUZfALoF2LHHbs5QnMqkJsfHKN nomadic-training_debian-10-amd64.ova
  • Install IPFS on your machine IPFS distributions or as a web browser extension
  • Initialize IPFS: ipfs init
  • Start the IPFS daemon: ipfs daemon
  • Download the Virtual machine: ipfs get QmSzsJwRMgQzYnkaugyMvUZfALoF2LHHbs5QnMqkJsfHKN && mv QmSzsJwRMgQzYnkaugyMvUZfALoF2LHHbs5QnMqkJsfHKN nomadic-training_debian-10-amd64.ova

or direct download : nomadic-training_debian-10-amd64.ova

Then, you should use the import appliance feature in the virtualbox menu. Make sure that the virtual machine is working by running it at least once (you may need to configure your host to activate such virtualization software).

Install dependencies on your own machine

In this section, we give all the dependencies which are necessary to run the training's development environment. However, we recommend to download and setup the virtual machine, just in case …

Development tools

  • Emacs
  • Opam (OCaml Package Manager)
  • LIGO (smart-contract language)
  • Smartpy (smart-contract language)


After running successfully through all these steps, you should meet the following requirements:

  • Run a Tezos (test network/sandboxed) node
  • Use the Michelson emacs mode
  • Compile a LIGO piece of code
  • Compile a SmartPy piece of code